About This Committee

The Student Activity and Service Fee Advisory Committee (SASFAC) is charged annually by the Provost and the Executive Vice President for Administration with providing recommendations and advice regarding a fee structure that supports excellence with procedures that are comprehensive and uniform without sacrificing efficiency and flexibility. The Fall 2019 SASFAC focus is on the FY21 General University Fees (GUF), Storrs Summer Program Fee and the Student Health and Wellness Fees.  With that in mind, the Committee schedules annual budget hearings for the following student groups. Should you have any financial questions for the Committee regarding any of the associated fees, you may attend a public session at the conclusion of each hearing day and share your perspective in person. You may also contact us via email at any time.

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2019-2020 Committee Membership



Department Affiliation

Brangwynne, Grace  Undergraduate Student Undergraduate Student Government
Campbell, Jeremy Director Office of Budget and Planning
Clokey, David Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Daniels, Robert Graduate Student Graduate School
Fuad, Nafis Graduate Student Graduate Student Senate
Heinrich, Kailee Undergraduate Student Undergraduate Student
Holsinger, Kent Vice Provost and Dean Graduate School
Inzirillo, Bridget Interim Assistant Vice Provost for Finance/Director of Administration Office of the Provost
Kirk, Mike Deputy Chief of Staff Office of the President
Leighton, Ian Undergraduate Student Undergraduate Students
Selleck, Margaret Bursar Bursar’s Office